Google says AdWords Advertisers can now Create Sitelinks for their Ads


Google is now allowing advertisers to create sitelinks which can be featured along with any of their ads. These sitelinks extensions can be set at the account level so advertisers save on time. Google tweeted this news on Tuesday.

Users viewing search results over a tab or computer will be shown 2 to 6 links while those using mobile devices will be show up-to 4 links. Search results will show links for ads that are displayed both on the top as well as for those featured at the bottom.

At present only a few select advertisers will have access. Google however, is in the process of rolling out the option to all Adwords accounts.

Creating Sitelinks Extensions at Account-level

Once it is available, advertisers will be able to create or edit sitelinks for all campaigns at the account level. Accounts holders will be provided with an option to select Account instead of just Campaign when adding a new sitelink extension from the Ad extensions tab. In addition, advertisers will be required to include the link text that will get displayed in search results, as well as the URLs that it will be linked to.

Advertisers can create as many sitelinks as they want; only those sitelinks which get clicked on will be charged for. While there is no difference between cost of clicking the display URL of the same ad and the cost-per-click of a sitelink, Google will not charge account holders for more than two clicks per ad impression. In case a user clicks on multiple links in an ad, it will be considered an invalid or duplicate click.

Visit this page for more information about site link extensions for your ads.


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