Google says a glitch in their cloud created a snafu in the system


Google has publicly apologized for the “snafu” that caused any users to lose their connection in a recent widespread blackout, according to PCWorld. Users connected through the OnHub or Wifi routers were suddenly signed out of there user accounts and in some cases had their protocols suddenly reset. The uncanny interruption occurred Thursday night between 5:30 and 10 p.m., but the number of affected units has not been announced.

The sudden Google blackout occurred abruptly, and many users scrambled for their phones to contact their service providers to check for a possile ISP failure, or checked their own virus protection to find out if a hacker had managed to pierce their defenses.

Turning to the last page of this ironic little story, the cause was a glitch on the Google platform which was busily trying to reroute excess traffic and redirected heavy loads through the wrong places. The overage caused the automatic sign-outs across America and a few other locations globally.

Once owners of the Google WiFi or OnHub figured out that they were not under a cyber-attack from hackers, Russians, or other malicious outside agencies, some found that their systems were not working as efficiently as they should be. The glitch had also reset their protocols to factory defaults. For those who were not using these defaults, they had to set to the task of rebuilding their independent network settings.


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