Google sees Overall Increase in Share of US Search Market across All Devices

Changes to Google’s Expanded Ad Texts

According to data from StatCounter, Google’s overall share of the of the US search market is growing. The company’s month-over-month share of US search market is also growing for all devices.

While the company’s desktop search percentage for the month of July is 79.17%, its share percentage for the month of August sits at 79.88%. Top contenders for the same spot Bing saw a drop from 10% to 9.9% while Yahoo saw a drop from 0.88% to 0.84%.

The search engine giant’s overall search market share across all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet, and console) also saw an incremental increase. For the month of August the company’s share of the search market saw an increase from 85.38% to 85.82% while Yahoo saw a drop from 6.99% to 6.58%. Bing on the other hand did not see any change to its share of the share market. The company’s share in July and August was consistent at 6.39%.

Google’s share of US search marketing month-over-month only for mobile alone also increased with its August figure sitting at 94.53% compared to 94.02% for the month of July. Yahoo and Bing again saw a dip in their month-over-month US mobile market share with Yahoo’s August share at 4.07% compared to its July figure of 4.48% and Bing’s share percentage for August falling to 1.01%  from its July share of 1.08%.

Clearly, Google is the only gainer not only for overall search market share across all devices, but also for desktop and mobile separately.


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