Google Speeds up Ad Experiences on AMP Pages


Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) program focuses on speeding up the mobile web. Faster loading content and improved mobile user experience (UX) is the end goal that the search engine giant has been increasingly focusing on. In keeping with that, Google recently announced faster loading advertisements on AMP pages. So now ads on AMP pages will load up as fast as the content.

Google made this announcement at the DoubleClick Leadership Summit where Paul Muret, VP of Display, Video & Analytics at Google, carried out a live demonstration to show the time difference between an AMP page loading, which took 1 second, and loading of an advertisement at the top of the page which took 4 seconds.

Google’s aim behind the introduction of AMP for ads is to ensure that ads load at the same speed as content so viewers don’t miss the ad. The search engine giant also announced that it will be rolling out AMP for landing pages.

At present Google is testing AMP for ads and landing pages for a select few adopters which includes the Washington Post. No specific date was given about enabling this update for all advertisers. However, knowing how committed Google is about AMP, it should not be long.


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