Google Tests Account Health Score for AdWords Accounts


Google is testing out a new feature that will provide advertisers with an “Account Health Score for Search.” This new overview will be made available in the Opportunities tab in AdWords. When contacted about the new feature a Google spokesperson said, “We’re pleased with how we’ve been able to help advertisers through the Opportunity Tab and are always testing out new features.”

Anytime advertisers click on the View Campaigns button they will be provided with an overview of the campaign along with Health Scores that will be listed out for each search campaign. The feature will also provide links to recommendations.

In addition, Google will also provide estimated lifts to show how the campaign can benefit if action is taken at the campaign level. This will allow advertisers to tap into action such as using conversion tracker, planning a realistic budget or even switching to a mobile optimized site.

The “Account Health Score for Search” feature was first reported by the team at Receptional which is a UK-based digital marketing agency. The agency said that the new feature mirrors WordStream’s AdWords Grader which an overall score as well as a more in-depth assessment.


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