Google Trusted Stores is retired in lieu of Customer Reviews


Google announced last month that they were planning to retire their Google Trusted Stores certification feature and put Customer Reviews in its place. The transition was finalized this week, according to Marketing Land. The new feature will retain its seller ratings, viewable in the product-feed hub for advertisers, Google Merchant Center.

The titanic online platform developed its new Customer Review so customerscan answer survey questions and rate various participating stores. In turn, this information can be picked up by advertisers and used for promotional content. When a customer completes a transaction an advertiser’s encoded trigger e-mails the survey to the customer.

As more survey responses are returned, the aggregated reviews will be the merchant’s seller rating, appearing as a one- through five-star rank. The rating badge can be transferred to advertisements and the seller’s webpage. At least 12 reviews must be submitted before a the seller is awarded a rating.

There is little left over from the former Trusted Stores program. The icon designating one of Google’s “trusted store” was taken out from shopping ads, to be replaced by the Customer Ratings badges. Those stores that participated in Trusted Stores have been carried over automatically to the new Reviews feature.

Newcomers can register into the new program through the Merchant Center by selecting the three-dot drop-down then “Merchant Center Programs.” In addition to the United States, this Google program is available in 22 other countries, including Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France.


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