Google trying to move into top spot of the online Cloud competition


Apparently, Google doesn’t like being in the third-place position of anything.

The titanic online search and advertising platform unveiled its new strategy at the Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco, according to a Computerworld article. They are hoping that competitive pricing and renewed trust in an old resource will be sufficient to pole vaulttheir newly-updated Google Cloud Platform past first- and second- placers – Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, respectively – putting their platform at the top of the leaderboard in this competition.

The old resource is people-to-people communication. Google has successfully banked on technological solutions to technical problems, but this new take on and old resource seems to be what people, especially marketing professionals want.

One of the new pricing perks installed this week to draw in more customers is a limited amount of free time on the Google Cloud Platform (GPC). In the past, the platform allowed new users a 60-day free trial on their GPC, plus $300 in credits that can be applied anytime during a 12 month period. Now, they have a new “Always Free” tier which allows users 5 GB worth of free storage per month, and 60 minute of Cloud Speech API per month. The trick here is that a user must provide a credit/debit card number to engage the Cloud services, which will be charged if they go over their free limits.



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