Google unveils innovative technologies in San Francisco


Last year, Google Cloud promised to increase its efforts at adding enterprise to its consumer services which made it famous, according to The company made good its promise, though it was not always easy.

This year that commitment was reaffirmed at the Moscone Convention Center, and the effort is being strengthened. Also, Google Cloud is aggressively recruiting at Alphabet. They have moved forward with a commitment to, over the next several years (term as yet undefined) to triple their technical support in deployment specialists, solution architects, and reliability engineering.

Essentially, “reliability engineering” is about performing a task that was once accomplished by hand, and converting that human labor to automation through appropriate software.

Google is well known for utilizing technology, such as its use of AI, and has not only built up its on platform on new technical innovationsbut has blazed the trail since the 90s for many other large platforms.

Google’s newest technological advancements includes things like the Cloud Video Intelligence, which allows online viewers to perform searches using elements within a video. Also, there is the Cloud Dataprep service.

One of the grandest innovative technologies Google Cloud has unveiled (so far) is BigQuery, a warehouse for low-cost enterprise data analytics which processes petabytes of information in minutes.

Not everyone has heard of a petabyte, which is equal to one million-GB. That’s a lot of data.



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