Google Uses Crowdsourced Location Data to Show Time People Spend at a Store or Venue


Google as we know is constantly upping its game on improving search experience for its users. Now using crowd sourced location data Google will provide information to searchers on how long visits will typically take to stores or a venue of interest. This move from Google should really come as no surprise because we already know that Google has been tracking location and user activity specific information for a while now.

Of course this kind of data won’t be available for every single store or venue that a user might be interested in; however, Google will provide this data for locations such as popular stores or tourist and historical locations where it is easier for the search giant to aggregate data from foot traffic. Google might show this information under the “popular times” section of the Google Maps local listing page.

Searchers who want to know beforehand how long they can expect to spend at a venue such as shopping center or coffee shop or even at a popular tourist location will sometimes be shown a time estimate which could either be a specific number such as 15 minutes or it could be a time range such as between 10 to 30 minutes.


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