Google vs. Bing: Making Your Restoration Company the First Result on Search Engines

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When people search for a service or product, they usually put a lot of trust in the first search results. The longer down the list people search, the less likely they are to click on your site. As a restoration company, you are competing with other companies in your area and large franchise corporations. You need to stand out, and there are a number of things you can do to your website and your social media marketing that can help you do just that.

Google vs. Bing…Does it Matter?

Google is the most popular search engine, but there are others such as Bing, Yahoo Search, and others. The steps to get to the top of each of these search engines seems to be about the same. Focusing on increasing your SEO ranking will help boost you to the top, regardless of which search engine people use.

Improving Your Restoration Company SEO

There are a few things you can do to your site that should improve your SEO ranking. SEO is search engine optimization. It’s not complicated but it takes work to see results. One of the easiest things you can do to your site to help your SEO ranking is to take a look at your keywords. As a restoration company, most of your keywords are probably going to be related to water damage or fire restoration. Basically, your services are your keywords. You need to have your keywords throughout your site in ways that make sense. A blog can help with this, as well as give potential customers information about the services you offer and tips that can help them.

Most people use their mobile devices to search, so optimizing your site for the best experience on mobile will also help your ranking. You don’t have to have a separate website built for mobile devices; using responsive web design will allow your site to fit into any size screen. So whether someone is using a desktop with a large screen or their phone, your site will look and operate at its best.

Finally, make sure your site has the best loading speed it can get. If it takes longer than 3 seconds for a page to load, the majority of users will go elsewhere for what they are seeking. This tells search engines that your site is bad and can hurt your ranking.

Social Media and Email Marketing

This doesn’t directly relate to SEO for your site. However, having a strong social media presence and email list will help people to find your site, which will help your overall SEO ranking.

You don’t have to completely redo your website in order to improve your SEO ranking. There are a number of little things you can do to your site regularly that will help bump you higher in the search results. When you are already busy running your restoration company, you may not have the time to spend continuously updating your website. That is where KiLLitOnline can help. We have web designers, email and social media marketing experts, and great content writers to help make your website the best it can be. Our plans fit any budget and marketing needs you may have. Don’t stress over your website – contact us today!


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