Google’s AdWords Redesign – Launching a New, Cleaner Interface


In a nutshell:

  • The new interface is clean; it offers a fresh face, and promises to deliver on all its promises.
  • When it comes to increasing online advertising demand, the change doesn’t really appear to affect demand that much.
  • What it does do on the other hand, is make room so that the demand that’s already there can be converted to sales.
  • In all honesty, Google needs to create more hype about their AdWord’s redesign project.

Google’s AdWords redesign is the coolest thing Google has done in a while.Surprisingly though, there doesn’t appear to be a lot of fanfare around the design. AdWords is a big deal if you consider that 90% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising. Well, perhaps there isn’t much noise about it yet, because access to the new platform is strictly by invitation only, for now.

Google’s AdWords, has for many years now been seen as a rather, intimidating platform that people assume you need to have a certain IQ level to navigate. While this is not technically true, the fact that one should have a basic working knowledge of Google’s AdWords’ system may be a contributing factor to this train of thought. Being also a highly text based system doesn’t help at all.

These are just some of the reasons why the majority of small business owners are constantly under-utilizing Google’s Adwords. Many of these business owners end up missing key opportunities because they don’t know how to navigate their way in AdWords’ backend. This ends up costing both Google and the business owners. It costs Google because proper bids cannot be placed on ad space because people don’t know how to use the system. It costs the business owner because they end up paying what they think they should pay, when if they knew how to make proper bids, would find out that they could get a really competitive price, perhaps even at a lower rate.

The New Design

The new interface is cleaner, and offers a fresh face to its users. It makes navigation easier, especially for first time users. This time round, smaller businesses such as corner stores, can benefit immensely if they take time to learn the new system. There are excellent tutorials as well going up on how to make the most of the AdWords experience for inexperienced users who are just starting out on the platform as well.

The words of VP of AdWord’s Product Management, Jerry Dischler reiterated the same thing when he explained that one of AdWord’s goals was to make things ‘super easy to execute’. He was speaking in reference to the redesigned analytics part of AdWords, where users, both old and new, could go to, to view data that is specific to their business and their industry.

It doesn’t take much to see that Google’s strategic move is aimed at increasing AdWord’s revenue, while making things easier for its users. It’s a clever strategy. Improve user interface, increase customers, hello higher revenues.

Less text and more visuals will make reading and interpreting of the analytical data ten times easier. AdWords has been built using the same design language used to build other apps such as Google Maps and Gmail. In so doing, the team behind AdWords, is banking on the fact,if people are already familiar with gmail, then AdWords shouldn’t prove to be too much of a problem.

Google has been giving us a headsup to their impending design. The concept is not yet available to everyone, only a few people. They are still testing the system. It will probably be ready for launch to the rest of the world in 2017.

The earmarked designs are set to be a big hit, according to analysts, however it waits to be seen if things will happen as they predict.


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