Google’s AMP is growing in popularity


Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are going global rapidly.According to an article in Search Engine Land, an estimated 1 billion new pairs of eyes will potentially see them beginning this week through search engines in China and Japan: Baidu, Sogou, and Yahoo Japan. The two former companies account for more than 90 percent of the online search traffic in China.

The AMP was first rolled out in October 2015 and was embraced across more and more countries as a number of big name publishers are liking the page speed.Search engines like Google state that AMP does not automatically earn higher ranking but higher page speed does have preference.

At latest count, more than 1.5 billion AMP pages have been published across the world tens of thousands distributing platforms, websites and other online sources, including well-recognized names like Bing, eBay, WordPress, LinkedIn, and others. Major US companies are receiving at least 7 percent of their views through AMP.

Page speed is one of the notables with AMP. Research shows that mobile pages download in about 10 seconds; AMP pages come through in 1 second or less, giving users more quality viewing time per website and that extends to being able to view through more sites on your lunch hour.

It isn’t just the major online titans that are gaining all the advantages from AMP. Small companies are joining the ranks. In fact, the numbers of the smaller guys are expected to increase in the coming months.


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