Google’s Click-to-Message Search Ads – An Opportunity for Brands to Drive Customer Engagement


Google’s click-to-message search ads present advertisers with great opportunity to connect with their customers. This offering from Google adds to the list of current ad extensions which include click-to-call and location. Each of these options help extend and enhance communication between brands and customers.

Message extensions which show alongside an advertiser’s ads on the SERP, essentially make it easy for potential customers to easily see an ad, click an icon, and contact the business directly via text message. Customers just need to tap on the ad, and they will be able to contact the business to book an appointment, or to ask for information, get a product or service quote, or even to request a service.

Google is flexing its search capabilities to be more personal and also in ways that personalize customer interactions. Now with message extensions, communication will be in real time which means brands will be able to better understand customer needs and create customized offers and provide solutions that address specific customer needs.

Brands can start conversations with customers directly from the search page at a time when potential customers are searching for products/services. This kind of reach out in the moment of need of a customer can offer brands with fantastic opportunities to influence customer decisions. For service industries in particular, click-to-message offers an immediate and direct communication channel with potential customer right at the beginning of a search delivering great brand engagement value.

Mobile and text-based messaging are already popular means of communication among customers. In fact, Facebook data indicates that each month more than 1 billion messages are sent to businesses over its messenger platform. So it is not really a big surprise that Google is choosing to introduce click-to-message now given the absolute certainty that mobile and text-based messaging are only set to grow further.

Visit this page to learn more about message extensions for your business.


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