Google’s Introduces New Analytics Solution – User can now move a Google Analytics Property between Accounts


Marketers will now be able to move a Google Analytics property, or Analytics 360 property, between Google accounts. This move from Google makes it easy for users to easily consolidate all their properties housed across multiple accounts into one single account that is most convenient for operations.

Now with Google introducing its new Analytics Solution, marketers will benefit from consolidated properties in one individual account which means they will be able to manage users for the properties and views easily via one account. In addition, consolidating properties will also allow users to simply use of one set of filters to the views in all properties and use “Change History” to quickly view all events from multiple properties in one account.

Users who want to move a Google Analytics property from one account to another will need to firstly have access to both accounts. Next they need to Login to their Google Analytics account – Go to the Admin section – Then go to the “Property Settings” page to view the property they want to move – Lastly, select the “Move Property” button located at the top right corner.

Google’s Analytics Service was first introduced in November of 2005. Since then marketers have been creating properties which were maintained only in the account used for creating the property. Consolidated properties will help ease management as users can now use one single account.


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