Google’s latest Display Ads feature to deliver more conversions


New Google ads features are here!

Clearly, the shoppers are on fire during holiday seasons and that is the time when marketers can increase their ROI. To help marketers set up campaigns in such a manner as to get maximum results and more conversions, Google recently introduced 3 new features as a part of Google Ads latest update.

Improving the reach at the same budget

You can now see an improved ‘audience expansion tool’ in Targeting Expansion section in Campaign Settings. This tool is meant to deliver more conversions by expanding the reach without increasing the average CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). 

The better ‘Added reach’ would let you easily increase or lower the targetedreach. Moreover, you will be able to find the weekly impression estimates on the basis what you have selected in the ‘positive targeting’ section of campaign settings. All you need to do is move the slider and you can get an idea of potential extra impressions. Simply adjust the reach with the slider and click on Save.

Reportedly, this feature has brought about 50 percent more conversions for the advertisers who used it. The best part is- you don’t need to spend anything extra!

Dynamic prospecting to present the right products before right customers

Google recently had introduced dynamic prospecting. Don’t get scared by the word. To put it simply, this feature helps in showing relevant products on the basis of visitor’s pattern of search and interaction on Google ads network and on other websites.

According to a Google support site, Google Ads uses machine learning for seeing a product’s performance in your feed. This way, it determines the product which might be most suitable and may have the interest of a visitor.

Adding dynamic prospecting isn’t a biggie as well- just link your product feed to the campaign. Use of this tool has reportedly increased the ROI by 20 per cent.

Reach more of your ideal customers

Another useful feature is ‘Custom intent audiences’. This tool can save much of your time and can be helpful if you have widely diverse target customers and have a big lot of products. This is how it works:

You simply type in the keywords and URLs; Google will suggest the segments suitable for you to add to the campaign. Further, you can select from those recommended segments. When you select these segments, you’ll not have to spend time managing so many keywords for reaching your target customers.


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