Google/YouTube placing new safeguards against hate-speech ads


Google has been looking for ways to appease disgruntled brands that have been actively boycotting the titanic online platform over the past several weeks. They have already hired a number of people in an attempt to monitor the “hate speech” ads that have pervaded Google ads and its companion site YouTube and caused a number of high-level ads to be pulled.New remedies have been unveiled and will be implemented to help solve the problems.

New safeguards are being developed against extremist ideals. First, the ad defaults will be upgraded to cull out offensive speech although details have not been revealed as to what constitutes “offensive.” Another safeguard Google has promised its brand ads is greater control of ad placement. This includes allowing account-wide exclusions of ad-placement slots or channels on YouTube, which will help ensure ads will not be placed adjacent to the offensive material.

Stricter oversight will be in place for “hate speech.” Apparently, new personnel have already been hired for this purpose, finding ways to curtail language that is designed to harass others based upon race, religion, gender or other such aspects.

Google began brainstorming for new methods that would help cut down or eliminate
extremist views a few weeks ago, when a number of UK-based ads began leaving Google and YouTube. The British government pulled its own ads and summoned Google to appear in the British Cabinet Office. The boycott carried over to the States with major brands (high revenue dollars) followed suit.


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