Have You Thought About Your Blog’s Color Scheme?


Your blog’s color scheme matters. When you want readers to keep coming back, it’s not just about your writing. Sure, your writing is the most important part. However, readers don’t show up for your writing alone. Whether they realize it or not, they’re influenced by the big picture. How does your blog format look when readers “zoom out” and look at it as a whole? Does your blog’s color scheme invite readers in? Or does it turn them away? And how do you know whether or not you’ve made the right choice? You can start by reading the basics below.

Mind the Color Wheel

Scroll back up and look at the picture above. That’s the color wheel. It’s a tool that shows the spectrum of color. If you’re not sure how to choose colors, then the color wheel can help you make the right choice.

There are two main ways to use the color wheel. First, you can choose complementary colors. Choose a color from the wheel. Then, find the color that falls directly opposite. Those are complementary colors. They provide the perfect amount of contrast and help each other stand out. Visually, people enjoy complementary colors. That’s why a lot of brands use them in their logos.

Second, you can choose analogous colors. When you use this route, you’ll choose two colors that belong in the same color “family” by picking colors from the same section of the wheel. When you use one of these two methods, you’ll pick colors that work well together and don’t clash.

Color Psychology Matters

Next, consider how color makes people feel. Of course, color psychology varies from one person to the next. Still, you can make choices based on what’s generally true. For example, most people say that their favorite color is blue. People like this color because it evokes feelings of peace and calmness. Other colors have important meanings, too. Yellow is associated with happiness. Red is associated with love and passion. Consider how you want people to feel when they read your blog, and then choose colors based on that.

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