How Air Duct Cleaning and Marketing Intersect with One Another


Air duct cleaning and marketing have a few things in common. For one thing, you have to learn about both things before you dive right in. The more experience you have, the greater your success will be. In a lot of ways, marketing and air duct cleaning also intersect with one another. As a restoration business owner, your job is to find the ways in which these two things overlap. When you do, you’ll figure out the best strategies for gaining new clients. Don’t worry, though. We’ve already started the process for you. Here are some crucial places where air duct cleaning overlaps with your marketing campaigns.

Knowing Your Audience

When marketing for air duct cleaning, you’ll want to know your audience. Are you marketing toward families? School superintendents? Commercial building owners? When you know your audience, you’ll know why they would need an air duct cleaning service in the first place. Use what you know to springboard into your campaign. For example, if you’re marketing toward families, you might emphasize how air duct cleaning can help with health and wellness.

Appealing to Human Needs

Speaking of health and wellness, one of the best ways to market your air duct cleaning service is to appeal to basic human needs. Think about the things that we all have in common. All people need a clean, safe environment, for example. And people also need peace of mind. Now think about how your air duct advertising can appeal to those needs. For example, you might appeal to the need for safety by pointing out that air duct cleaning removes harmful substances from the air.

Making It Personal

Next, make your ad campaigns personal in some way. You can throw all the facts and figures you want into your ad campaign. No matter how scientifically accurate your ads may be, though, they won’t work unless you can appeal to your audience’s emotions. Find ways to connect with your readers. Some marketers, for example, point out that clean air will lead to less stress. Others emphasize how happy parents can be when they know that their children are breathing clean air.

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