How an Online Presence Can Help Grow Your Water Restoration Company

online presence

In the age of the internet being at our fingertips, an online presence for a business is crucial. Every business needs a website, but it goes beyond that. Advertising for a water restoration company comes with a unique set of challenges. Most of the time, your services aren’t needed until they suddenly are. Advertising can help, of course, but the best way to have new customers coming to you is with a strong online presence.

What Is a Strong Online Presence?

A strong online presence means that when someone searches for water restoration services, you show up on the front page. Most people don’t scroll more than a couple of pages, and from that first page, many stop scrolling after the first few results pop up.

There are a few ways you can be on the top page of search results. The easiest ways are with consistent new content and SEO. SEO (search engine optimization) means adding keywords. When people in your area search for certain keywords, such as water damage + your city, your business should pop up in the first results.

How To Have a Strong Online Presence

It’s not as difficult as you may think to make your water restoration company show up on the front page, but it does take work.

First, sites that update their content regularly are more likely to show up first in search results. This is easy to do with a blog on your site. A well-written blog can show potential customers that you know what you are doing when it comes to water damage and restoration. It can also help answer any questions they may have. When you have provided them with answers to their questions, they are more likely to contact you for your services.

Having a blog on your site is an easy way to add SEO keywords. These can be as simple as “water restoration” or “water damage.” The essential factors are that they are well-written, and the keyword makes sense. You don’t need to add your keyword into the post 10 times; two or three times is usually enough. If you don’t think of yourself as a good writer, that is where KillitOnline can help. We can take care of your blogs and internet marketing so you can focus on running your business.

Finally, it is vital to make sure your business website is built with mobile searches in mind. People search via their phone more frequently than a computer. When disaster strikes, a potential customer is going to search for the service they need and click on the first few search results. If your site isn’t easy to navigate on a mobile device, it could put off potential customers.

Social media, Google ads, a mobile-friendly website, and great content are the best ways to build your online presence. You don’t need to become an expert in the ways of internet marketing. KillitOnline helps small businesses grow through all the various online marketing strategies. Contact us today and we can help you figure out the best way to take your business to the next level.


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