How Craigslist can Help Your SEO Today! – Top 5 Hottest Tips


Are you looking to improve your internet marketing campaign by engaging with people looking for the services or products you offer? If yes, then perhaps you may have already tried the classifieds. If not then you might want to think about it. A second viable option that is already available to you is the online version of the wanted pages, Craiglist.

Craigslist is definitely worth checking out because it’s virtually free. Plus you can localize your searches and make them relevant. Additionally, with 50 million unique visitors all coming to the site every month, there might be a good chance of you finding several hundred or thousand potential customers.

If you aren’t too sure how you plan on integrating Craigslist into your SEO plan then keep reading.

Tips for Craigslist Integration

  1. Saturate your anchor text with keywords

Placing keywords in anchor text is a great strategy if you are looking to raise your ranking on Google search pages. Where you place your keywords has a bearing on how well your ads do. Craigslist ads that are well structured are similar to other SEO strategies. Placing keywords in your anchor allows search engines and Googlebot to pick up your website and rank it better for those keywords. So it’s a win-win. You get new clients and you get to have a better ranking. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. Not bad at all.

  1. Take care with the Ad Content

Just because you have placed keywords in the anchor text does not mean you are done with the keywords. Put them strategically all throughout the content of the ad as well. Doing this, will make people find you easily on Craigslist.

  1. Plan your postings

Post for three days and then take the next three days off, then re-post your ads again. You want to work in a pattern like this for two major reasons. The first reason is that it stops your ads from getting deleted by Craigslist’s algorithm, which isn’t too kind on repetitive ads. Secondly, you want to keep getting new traffic. Old ads get less traffic, and you don’t want to be the one with all the old ads.

  1. Place strategic HTML tags within your ad

Using HTML tags within your ad does two things for you. It first and foremost helps your ads rank higher in searches. Using HTML tags also enables your ads to take on a more professional look and feel about them, which can convince visitors to buy your product or service. Remember if you are going to place the HTML tags you should also remember to include your keywords in the H1 as well as in the anchor text.

  1. Don’t be a douche about your ads

Don’t you dislike those weird, unrelated ads that pop-up randomly on pages you are reading? How’s this for weird – an ad for cat food while reading about yacht renting in Ibiza? It doesn’t quite add up right? So don’t do it! Place your ads in the sections they are meant to be in. If you don’t, you risk also getting your ads deleted. So don’t be a douche and post accordingly.


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