How Google Decides Who Reaches the Top


We’ve already covered that most Google users are only clicking on the first two or three search results. So how does Google decide who gets to be in those coveted spots? Well, there’s a lot that goes into Google’s algorithm, and Google itself is pretty secretive about it. The good news is that we can understand a lot about this algorithm through common sense and observation. Here’s how Google decides who reaches the top and how you can start taking that top spot.


First of all, how professional is your site? There are a few factors that you don’t have much control over. For example, Google prioritizes websites that have been around for a long time. If you have a fairly new website, you’ll have to give it some time. However, there are some professional aspects that you can control. For example, you should have your own domain that ends with .com. It also helps if your site has a professional design rather than a thrown-together look.


Of course, Google’s algorithm prioritizes relevance. This means that when your keywords match a searcher’s keywords, your site will show up in the results. Google also judges your relevance by the number of visitors that you get. If some people click on your site after using certain keywords, then others who use those same keywords will likely see your site, too. Having inbound and outbound links can also increase your relevance.

Page Usability

If people find your page easy to use, then Google’s algorithm will reward you. First, Google measures the time that people spend on your site. When people spend lots of time on your site, Google decides that your site must be pretty usable. Ask yourself how easy your site is to navigate. If people struggle to find the right pages, they’ll leave in a hurry. Second, Google takes your page load times into account. If your pages load quickly, the algorithm will take notice. If your pages take too long to load, unfortunately, the algorithm will notice that too.

We Know How to Reach the Top

Reaching the top of Google’s search pages takes a lot of work and a lot of attention. The good news is that KiLLit Online has exactly what it takes to help Google notice your company. Keeping up with Google’s algorithm can get overwhelming and frustrating. You have other things to do. Let us take care of your SEO and marketing. Contact KiLLit Online today to start reaching Google’s first page.

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