How Important Is It To Be The First Search Result?

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Being at the top of Google searches can exponentially help your business. As you go down the list, your odds of potential customers clicking on your site shrinks drastically. In fact, as the first search result, there is a 36% chance your site will get checked out. The second result drops to a 12% click rate, and the number dwindles more the lower you go down the page. There are a few ways you can help get your restoration company website to the front of the list.

Benefits of Being at the Top for a Restoration Company

Usually, when people are searching for services, they might shop around, check out different sites for their area, and so on. When people are searching for a restoration company, however, they are most likely dealing with an emergency situation. They do not have time to bounce around between different search results.

The beauty of the Google search engine is it tries to weed out the bad content, so customers trust the results. Being at the top means that when a potential customer needs to find restoration services fast, they know they can trust the top results.

How to Get to the Top

There are a few simple ways to boost your position in Google’s search results. First, you need to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Most people search using their phone now, so having your site optimized for mobile content and searching will help get your site to the top.

Location-based searching is another effective way to help boost your ratings. When people search for a restoration company, they want to find someone local. The best way to make sure the right customers see you is to make sure your location is turned on.

When people are searching for a restoration company, they’ll use a keyword or phrase to search. This can be “fire damage restoration near me,” “what to do about water damage,” and so on. Making sure you have those keywords (“fire damage,” “water restoration,” etc.) throughout your site should get you to the top. Remember to add location-based services to narrow the field even more.

Now, it’s important to remember that you can’t just randomly throw SEO keywords into your site. You need to have content for humans, and Google can distinguish between good content and random keywords meant to bump your algorithm. A blog on your company site will help with this. It is an easy way to consistently add content that you can add those keywords to that can provide knowledge for future customers. This builds trust and keeps people coming back to your site.

Let Us Help Your Restoration Company Ranking

This seems like a lot – and in a way, it is. There is a reason companies like KiLLitOnline help businesses with their website and social media management. When you own your own business, you are already handling what it takes to run your business. Managing your internet presence can feel like another full-time job. That is why we are here. We have the experts to adjust your site to be more user and mobile-friendly, as well as great content writers who can write informative blog posts that people would like to read. Save yourself the trouble of becoming an internet expert – we have plans to suit any of your needs and budget. Contact us today!


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