How to Market a Water Damage Restoration Company


Unless you are the only water restoration company in your area, then there is competition. Your company is competing against all the other water restoration companies to get clients. Even if your business is outstanding in customer service or has better-trained employees, the winning prize of clients goes to the company with the best marketing.

Marketing Strategies
Poor marketing wastes money. If you can’t dedicate time or even a whole team to marketing, then your efforts are better spent elsewhere. If you do plan on giving marketing a try, then there are a few strategies that can help bolster your efforts.

Customer Perspective
When it comes to marketing for a water restoration company, it is vital to view your business from the client’s perspective. Whether it is on your website, social media, TV, or another platform, the information you put out there needs to grab your intended audience’s attention.

Different customers can be reached through a variety of methods. Consider focusing your marketing towards one age bracket at first, and only use methods that would reach those people. If you are trying to market to young first-time homeowners, putting an ad in the newspaper is not going to be as successful as having a strong presence on social media.

Set Goals
Your overall goal may be to increase your client base by a certain percentage, but that goal needs to be broken down into small achievable milestones. A good place to start is by focusing on your website’s search engine optimization (SEO).

As your website’s SEO increases, it’s more likely it will be the first result on a search engine page. If your website is on the tenth page of results, customers will not find you. You can boost your website’s SEO by:

Including keywords: When people are looking for a water restoration company, they are going to input certain words into the search engine. By knowing which words are commonly used, you can place them on your website, so the search engine picks them up.

Adding a blog: Search engines pay attention to how much time users spend on websites. If they stay longer, that’s a good indication that the site is a good website that will be listed first on the results page. Blogs are a great way to get a user to spend more time on your website. By crafting interesting and relevant posts, your clients will appreciate the knowledge you share, and you can appreciate the time they spent on your website learning it.

Say where you are: Including your business’s address and mentioning the area where you provide service will allow your water restoration company to appear on a map search.

Spend time focusing on your website and monitor the results. If things are working, then expand to social media. If you are a social media fanatic then you can go for it all at once, but if you are still learning to navigate the realm of social media, then pick one platform to start with. Be sure to keep your social media accounts up-to-date and active. Make it easy for potential clients to find your social media accounts on your website and vice versa.

Put Technology to Work
In an era of technology you must keep up with that technology, or you get left behind. Almost everyone has a smartphone, and there are several apps available that you can put to use. Be sure to have a note app on your phone. This will let you record any marketing ideas you have in the middle of the night or while making dinner.

Set Aside Time
Schedule a block of time each day or every week just for marketing. Use this time to make updates to your website and social media accounts. If your company has a blog, you can write the posts and schedule them to go live at a future date and time.

Setting aside dedicated time for marketing will ensure that you have time for that marketing. Once you tidy things up online and see how well your current efforts are going, you are free to move on to other water restoration company matters.

Good marketing takes time and dedication. A one-time advertisement or a single blog post is not going to achieve the results you want. Being patient and persistent is the key to winning the marketing game.

Stay in the Know
Marketing is all about research. Nothing is static, including keywords. By doing research, you will know some commonly-used search terms and how search engines are determining which results to show first. You cannot get by only researching once; it must be an ongoing process.

Your Marketing Team
If you find that marketing is not your cup of tea or that you simply do not have enough time for it, then get help. KiLLitOnline can be your marketing team. We are marketing experts and will work with you, so you know what is going on without having to do the heavy lifting. We will help you set goals and formulate a plan to achieve them. If you want KiLLitOnline to help you reach new clients, then contact us today.


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