How to Use Long Tail Keywords to Your Advantage


Still struggling to make your SEO work? Then maybe you’re not using enough long tail keywords. We’ve talked long tail keywords before, but if you’re just joining us, here’s the basic idea: long tail keywords are the longer phrases that people type into a search engine. Instead of “electronics,” for example, a long tail keyword would be “electronic stores that sell car stereos.” The second example is more specific, which means that fewer people will search for it. However, it also means that you’ll have less competition to reach the top for that keyword. Long tail keywords give businesses a competitive edge. So, how do you find the right keywords without a bunch of guessing? Use this method.

Find Your Starting Point

Start with a brainstorming session. Pretend that you don’t have any competition for your keywords. Whatever keyword you choose will instantly give you top rankings. What keywords would you choose? For a restoration company, you might use “home restoration” or “mold removal.” This brainstorming session won’t give you your final keywords, but they will give you a solid foundation.

Use Keyword Tools

From there, you can build your long tail keywords. If you chose “home restoration” as your baseline, then you can build on top of that foundation. Try “home restoration and disaster remediation,” for instance. Of course, you don’t have to settle for random guesses. You can find lots of SEO research tools online. For a monthly fee, these sites will generate keyword suggestions from your baseline keywords.

Get Extra Help

You can also get help from SEO experts. Keyword research takes time. Even with the right tools, you could spend hours every week finding the right keywords. You can save yourself time by talking to an expert. Don’t just talk to any SEO expert, though. Find an expert that has worked with other restoration companies. This way, you’ll have someone on your side who knows the business. Your expert can analyze keywords for you so that you don’t have to do it. Those who work with SEO experts also see faster results than those who do the research themselves. You can save lots of time by getting some extra help. You’ll also save yourself from a lot of headache and frustration.

Long Tail Keywords

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