9 Ways to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Business


Pinterest is a famous social site that enables the users to bookmark and share pictures from many sources and other social sites. The online pin board is very famous among the youngsters nowadays. It has about 100 million users from all over the world. At first sight, Pinterest may only look like a site that cannot be used for anything business related. However, as technology grows, the site now provides some opportunities for business. The site and its features can be used as marketing tools that you may not even imagine before. Pinterest for Business section, which has awesome tips, is now available. Members of the site can even buy the items available there with Buyable Pins.

If you’re a business man who is looking for a chance in Pinterest, there are some helpful tips for you in order to gain success. Using Pinterest as your marketing tools doesn’t simply mean you put your pictures there. You have to use some techniques in showcasing your products. You also have to decide many things including target audience, and also try to be an active user to get customers.

1. Sharable Pictures Make Perfect

If you put your products on website or blog, it is better if you activated “Pin it” feature there. This enables the visitors of your personal sites to share pictures of your products to Pinterest in an instant.

2. Themed Boards

Themed boards are not only more interesting than the common ones, they also focus on the target audience. You can create specific theme for your board for example, “Valentine’s days Outfit Ideas”. It will make your customers find your products easily and then make them more interested as well. Thus, this helps you in selling your products and increases your selling rate.

3. Sharable Pictures Make Perfect

You can attach your website, and other your social accounts. Other basic information such as your location can also be added. This way you can help your customers to find you and contact you whenever they want.

4. Perfect Pictures for Perfect Pinterest

High quality pictures and images can lead you to higher success. Pinterest is a visual bookmarking site, so when you put all your best pictures here, the visitors will likely like your pictures even more. You have to make sure you take the pictures right so the results will turn out well. If you cannot do this alone, you can hire a professional photographer.

5. Always Remember About the Copy

Simple descriptive copy is more useful for your pictures since it can give more value for them. Make sure the copy will be creative and can strengthen your products. Each pinterest user can add up to 500 characters for each pin they made. This can allow them to write more than enough information about the products’ detail and specification. This information helps the customers not only understand about basic information of the products, but also what makes the product different with the others on the site. For example, when you are planning to sell clothes for certain occasions, you can write the description about the basic information and also the values that make your product special.

One thing you should remember is that too much description or copy will also have effects on your pins. Too much copy will make your pins looks complicated or even look like spam. Thus, many people may avoid or do not want to re-pin your posts. For this reason, you have to consider the pictures that you want to post and the description you want to write. If the pictures have great stories behind them, it is okay for you to make a long description. But if it is not, then just keep it simple and short.

6. Search Engine Optimization

Many companies use SEO to optimize their products marketing in search engines. Actually you can also do that with Pinterest. Appropriate SEO in your Pinterest can draw more visitors and increase customers. For example, you can use certain keywords for each target audience in a board. Incorporating keywords also can be used to make it stronger. You can put the incorporate keyword into the description at least one time.

7. Buyable Pins

One of the best features of Pinterest for business is buyable pins. The feature is characterized by the blue price and blue button for direct purchase from pins on the site. The buyable pins are still only available in the U.S. via Iphone and iPad Pinterest apps for now, but the feature will soon expand to other areas.

8. Rich Pins

Rich pins provide related information about all products and services that can be found on the pin. This makes your site eliminate the other results or newsfeeds that have no relation with the ones your customers want. For example, when you want to sell a product like a bag, it is better if the rich pin will show the pricing, the shops or the models available. This certainly will help your customers so much in buying products from your site.

9. Don’t Put All Your Stuff There

Making your account full of your stuff is not really a good idea. You may need certain space for your customers who want to browse and follow some other newsfeeds.

All the tips we discuss here can help you in developing your business via Pinterest. Just remember that you use them right in order to attract new customers.


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