I Am a Small Business, Do I Need Adwords?


Google Adwords is an effective tool used to attract customers to your products and services through a very targeted and innovative approach. You get you choose your budget, target your leads and Adwords does the rest.

But let’s face it- as business owners, we wear many different hats. Most likely marketing is one of them. An although I would never preach a one-sized fits all approach, Google Adwords can be an amazing supplement to your marketing efforts by driving business to your site you would not have otherwise captured organically.

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Google Adwords In your Next Marketing Campaign

1. More Leads = More Money

In any business, cash is KING and the lifeblood for future growth. When campaigns are set up in a highly targeted format, Google Adwords can send qualified leads to your website who are interested in what you have to offer.

As you gain more confidence and knowledge with the tool, you can modify your keywords and search criteria to only include buyers who are looking for your services and have them directed right to you.

2. It is a Dynamic Marketing Tool

Unlike the Yellow Pages or Billboard advertising, Google Adwords is constantly changing. You can test copy, ad format and images, see which ones work the best and double-down on the most successful ads. With traditional forms of marketing, once it’s off to the printers, there is no going back.

The testing features you can explore with Google Adwords allow you to immediately see which ads are gaining traction, and which ones need to be discarded and improved.

3. You have Access to High Quality, High Traffic Web Streams

Google’s bread and butter includes an algorithm which they boast can place relevant ads in front of prospective buyers. Based upon a series of previous visited websites, keywords typed into the search fields and other innovative data points, Google can place your ad in front of a series of people that are ready to buy.

This results in a much higher form of lead generation- sending high quality prospects to your website.

These website visitors are more qualified, and can move through your sales funnel at a faster rate than someone who simply stumbled upon your landing page or offer.

4. Market Research at a Fraction of the Cost

Want to better understand your target market? Set up a Google Adwords Campaign and let the data roll in! Adwords can define consumer habits, keywords they use, the time of day they are most likely to conduct a search and more.

Savvy business owners can mine the data to identify key information that not only creates more engaging website copy, but can lead to products and services that better meet the demands of the marketplace.


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