Improving your Adwords ratings with simple marketing techniques


Google/Adwords offers several metric features to help its advertisers do their job more effectively. Two examples are the Click Share and Impression Share. The former shows the success an advertising campaign in getting your customers interested in the advertised products. The latter shows the number of viewers your gleaning from the campaign. By combining the data from both of these you can optimize in Shopping, improving your competitive edge in the auction and on the results page.

One way to put yourself ahead in the auction is by increasing your bidas long as you are careful not to bid yourself beyond your own profit margins, which would defeat the purpose. Juggling both your profits and price per click is not always easy. Study the product groups that you need to bolster and increase bids as is feasible. Another convenient tool Google offers is the Bid Simulator, which allows you to measure the profitability of a bid.

Other details that must be looked at in your marketing campaign is advertising quality in all devices. With more than 80 percent of adults in this country using mobile devices, your campaign must be geared for that audience.  Also, the quality of the ads in general must make sure the viewer can look at it and understand quickly. The term “putting your best foot forward” applies in advertising. The first thing that you put in front of your readers’ eyes must be readable, viewable, and shows your best products. If your ad is weak in these aspects, many viewers will never give it a second look.

Finally, there are old reliable marketing techniques that can be used to give your ads a better rating. For instance, offering promotional discounts and free prizes. Most customers enjoy saving a few bucks, which will ultimately translate into better ratings in Google, and better results in the Click Share and Impression Share.


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