Improving customer experience requires creativity


One aspect that is absolutely necessary for a successful marketing strategy is a positive customer experience (CX). Sometimes, in this pursuit, marketers have to walk a fine line between empathy with their target audience and the perfectionist’s frustration of never quite “getting it right.” Fortunately, there are few procedural points that a marketer can follow objectively to help elevate the CX, according to Marketing Land.

Pricing and plan selections are a major element in making sure your customers will payout their cart and feel good about it. Pricing pages and plan selections can be looked upon as a creative challenge as these are designed to keep the customer engaged.

First impressions can be very important. That’s true in the real world and online. The online “packaging” (a layout of visual and sound aspects) can enhance the customer experience or stand out like a gray wall.

Simplify the set-up process as much as possible for first time customers. It’s easy to overwhelm a newbie if they see a seemingly endless line of questions and requests to purchase products or services. In which case, they can just leave your site and go on to something more engaging.

Dovetailing the simple set-up process, marketers should also ease their new-users into the advanced features without coddling their more experienced customers. Give the newbies time to process each page one at a time to ensure the experience doesn’t overwhelm them. However, you should also provide a shortcut for the masters who can maneuver through your pages fast, otherwise they will get bored.

Finally, figure out creative ways to transmit important account notifications without adversely affecting (or as little as possible) CX.For instance, nobody likes the bill at the end of the journey, but it is an inevitability, so find a way to charge the customer without throwing it hard into their face.


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