“Influence marketing” expected to dominate 2017 online advertising


“Influence marketing” may be a growing online trend for advertisers in 2017, according to Marketing Land. If planned correctly, it can be a profitable strategy to undertake for brands, great and small.

As with any advertising campaign, the influence marketer must begin with very clear goals in mind. With the right creative mix of sentiment, engagement, awareness and action made to orbit your influencer, an advertising video can draw viewers to your brand across the major platforms.

Knowing your target audience is very important. For whom are you creating this ad? Set up profiles of the viewers you want to draw in. This can determine your influencer, or let your chosen influencer determine the audience profiles.

Next, hire a top-notch creative team to work with your influencer to help the project progress. Also, plan your influencer’s delivery on each of the social media platforms. Creative content delivered effectively by the influencer should be focused on developing a positive experience for the viewer, thus uplifting the viewer’s attitude for the brand.

Choosing your influencer well is the next step and must be carefully considered. Finding the talent that your own creative team can work with easily during the project is a key determiner in its success.

Finally, measuring the influence campaign depends first and foremost on the results. Since the ultimate goal is to generate more conversions (thereby, more revenues for the brand). Studying the metrics of an influence campaign determines the effectiveness of your chosen influencer. As you roll out the different variations of your completed project, the numbers will help determine what elements work well, and how to implement the remarketing phase.


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