Input your ads and let the system do the rest


AdWords is designed to help professional marketers put together a customized advertisement that will appeal to your customers, according to Search Engine Land. Every little decision that goes into an ad, is meant to increase and broaden the appeal to viewers. AdWords tools makes most of them easier to implement. If putting out great auction-time ads is your goal, one of the tricks of the marketing trade is creating a bunch of great ad components then back away, let the system do its work.

An optimized ad rotation occurs when the system uses the best possible ad at the best possible time and in the best possible geographic location. It may be tempting to keep all the controls at your ow fingertips, but allowing automation tools do their jobs frees up time for you. So, you can check the overall performance of your ad combinations and decide what works and what needs to be pulled.

Running up to five ads in an ad group is not too much. This is not like multiple choice, where only one is the correct answer. It’s more like fitting the pegs into the right holes. The system knows when the square peg is needed or the round peg, and so on. Each ad can be put out to fit the right viewers.

Extensions are a huge plus because they increase the clicks in most circumstances and lead to more conversion, compared to ads that don’t use them.


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