Instagram testing new “shoppable posts” for brand marketing


New features have been put out on Instagram, competing with other online marketing platforms. This new app allows US brand advertisers to refine their pics and ad information, according to Marketing Land. In addition, they will provide a tool that will make promoting the sale of products easier to manage through the platform’s “shoppable posts.”

Instagram Shopping has been testing their new concepts since November with some apparently positive results. Working with other online companies like Facebook, Shopify, and Big Commerce, Instagram has offered their services to users who have already input their products through these other platforms. The testing process only included ads with one pics – no videos or multiple photos.Thus far, there has been no monetary transaction between any of the online companies or product brands in the cooperative effort.

The testers included big-name brands like Macy, Lulu, and Warby Parker. Viewers were allowed to click on a product post and get more information and (if desired) follow the cues to make a purchase. For the shopping images, only 4 percent of viewers clicked for more product information.About 19 percent who clicked in the product information moved on into the brand’s website.

The new “self-serve tool” will allow brand merchandisers to conceive a line of click and shop posts and will ultimately allow them to tag a product within the Instagram app. As this new concept is run through the platform more and more, marketing analysts can check its feasibility as a shopping promotion. The numbers will eventually show how many people click to see the product information and how many will follow the cues on to a purchase.


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