Instilling a sense of urgency into your content can lead to more conversions


Professional marketing is a highly competitive industry, promoting your brand as you move the customer rapidly toward a conversion and ultimately a purchase. An old advertiser’s trick is to instill a sense of urgency into your content. Make the customers feel they will miss out on a good thing or cause a bad thing to happen if they don’t act NOW. According to Marketing Land, this is a challenge that can be surmounted by using a few simple techniques.

First, studies have shown that adding a countdown timer onto your product or service pages can increase the chances of a conversion. A timer shows how long the customer has before the deal disappears.Thistends to increase the sense of urgency by implying the discount or special offer will go away forever; therefore, the customer is motivated to act quickly or miss an opportunity.

In addition to the timer, usethe language of “urgency” to counter the human tendency to procrastinate and stir up their fears of losing something your customers need or want.Some marketers will insert phrases like “Act Now!” or “Place Your Order Immediately!” to stimulate a quick response before the customer can have second thoughts about the purchase.

Finally, this last tactic dovetails both the timer and the fear of losing something important:create a sense of scarcity. Convince your customer there is a limited number of available products and if they don’t act soon,the product or service will no longer be available. Again, this pushes that fear-of-loss button hidden inside our human psyche.


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