The internet age is about to speed up


The advent of broadband internet has broadened our horizons tremendously. We have greater access to knowledge, learning, and many other things, and it is happening on a global scale. Never has the world been so interconnected. However, according to Computer World,the best days have not yet arrived.

Speed technology is now breaking in new faster hookups in some regions of the world. A report put out by Akamai has put the average global speed at 6.3 Mbps; however, some regions are on the high-high end of that number. For example, South Korea already sends its data across the internet at 26.4 megabytes per second, dwarfing (shaming, really) the US average of 15 Mbps. But if places like the US are the tortoise in this race, then the rest of the world are snails, trudging around at about 4 Mbps.

The high-end numbers are a good indication that the average speed globally is expected to rise dramatically once the new technologies spread to other regions. That’s a very good thing too. With the rise of data streaming videos, downloading music, and Skyping, all that usage that we take for granted everyday might cause the normal household modem to start smoking.

The upper-end averages show the height of our technology as it is now. However, there are other even faster things that have not been fully realized yet but are well into the development phase, and even hotter ideas on the designing screen that will leave all other technologies in the dust, according to Computer World. The up and coming devices include DOCSIS (3.1 Gig.) and LTE (5 Gig.).


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