Irregular Services, Regular Clients


In our last article, we talked about air duct cleaning and the marketing challenges that come with it. Today, let’s zoom out and focus on all of the irregular services that you offer. Carpet cleaning, mold remediation, and disaster cleanup are all vital things that you offer to your community. However, these are all “one time” or “once a year” services, so marketing them can get tough. How do you get repeat customers for these types of services?

Email Newsletters

To get regular clients, you’ll have to keep regular contact with those clients. Email newsletters give you one of the best ways to do that. You can share relevant topics, give seasonal advice, and even offer discounts on future services. When you run an email newsletter correctly, you can keep your company’s name in your clients’ minds. That way, when they need service, they’ll call you. As a result, you’ll get more regular clients.

Timely Blogging and Social Media

As we pointed out in our message on air duct cleaning, timing is everything when it comes to irregular service marketing. For example, you probably perform more mold remediation during damp months. You can also plan for flood season and similar disasters. When you plan for these things ahead of time, you can release blog posts and social media posts with relevant keywords at the most relevant times. Your content will reach your clients just in time for them to contact you.

Use a Referral Program

Clients love discounts, and you love getting new clients. Here’s a way for everyone to be happy: use a referral program. When a current client refers a new client, they get a discount on their next service. This type of program helps you in two ways. First, it increases your client base. Second, it ensures that your original clients will become repeat clients. After all, when you offer a discount on future services, you increase your chances of them calling you for those services. People don’t like to waste discounts.

Let KiLLit Online Help

Of course, one of the best ways to get more clients is to get some marketing help. That’s where the marketing experts at KiLLit Online come in. With blogging, email marketing, social media management, and more, KiLLit Online specializes in helping restoration companies gain regular clients. Talk to the experts at KiLLit Online. We’ll help you take your marketing to the next level.

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