Keeping it Professional During the Age of DIY


People have always looked for ways to save money. These days, with YouTube videos and online tutorials, lots of people try to save money by handling their own cleaning and remediation. You know as well as anyone that the professional approach is best, especially when it comes to home disaster mitigation. Now it’s up to you to keep clients in the age of DIY. Thankfully, there are several actions that you can take to keep those customers. Here’s how to get started.

Emphasize Professionalism

The average person watching a YouTube video probably doesn’t have IICRC certification. Most people don’t have the training and experience that your team has, either. In your marketing, emphasize your professionalism and training. Remind your audience that this training comes with benefits. For example, you’ll get the job done right the first time. You’ll also get it done faster because you know what you’re doing. Finally, you can get the job done more safely than a person watching a YouTube video.


Do you offer warranties on your projects and services? If so, emphasize them on your site and your social media pages. You already know that things can go wrong when non-professionals try to fix major issues. Amateurs can’t offer warranties. You can. Warranties set you apart from the DIY crowd. They can give your clients a sense of security when they book your service. As we’ve mentioned in the past, a lot of marketing involves risk removal. Warranties help to remove risk. They give first-time clients the confidence that they’ll need to call you.

How-to Guides

Since people are looking for blog posts and videos to learn how to perform household tasks, you can provide those blog posts and videos. This way, you meet people where they are. Of course, you’ll want to provide some caveats that direct people to your service. For example, you can make a blog post or video about mold removal. In your content, note that certain amounts of mold require professional removal. You should also note the dangers of mold removal. At the end of your content, direct them to your website, where they can get professional service.

KiLLit Online

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