A few key concepts can help marketers know when to bid for PPC


With the budget constraints placed on PPC search bidding it a challenge to know when or if it is the best time to bid and how much. Fortunately, there are a few basic concepts that any marketer can learn to help in the bidding process or in letting some level of your strategy go organic, according to Search Engine Land.

First, you must evaluate your keywords and decide if the ones you have chosen will produce a high number of conversions. Determine if your chosen keywords will bring the optimum viewership, or if they might tend to trigger a match for your competition on the various channels in your campaign.

Then there is the usage of your pages. Some studies show that providing your viewer a landing page before directing them to the main home page can help optimize conversions, leading to greater sales.

Also, it is important to know how much of your viewership is using a mobile device instead of a tablet or desktop.

Now, another concept to consider is whether or not the bid will ultimately be profitable or would it be better to take no action at all. In each channel of your overall strategy, you must decide which one will give the best return on your investment. Then there is the idea known as the “inelastic auction,” which is simply winning higher volume at larger costs as you attempt to outbid for the greater positions.

Finally, there is the PPC concept of cannibalization, which means the paid and organic listings competing for search clicks. In some cases, marketers will pull back on the PPC to avoid excessive charges.



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