Kill it Online with Your Business: How to Write Website Copy that Converts


In order to kill it online and increase the revenues in your business, you need to engage with everyone who visits your website. Too many entrepreneurs use a one-size-fits all approach to their copy, which leaves the site feeling uninspiring and dull.

How can you captivate your website visitors with the goal of placing them into your sales funnel?

It is very simple, however not always easy. The key is to write compelling copy on your website that leads to higher conversion rates.

Step 1: Know your Audience

Which words most resonate with your specific target market? What is most important to them, and how does your business support their goals? Take a moment to sit down and develop a clear understanding of their situation. Studies show that when you personalize your copy to meet the needs of your market, conversion rates can improve by 10%. What could a 10% conversion mean to your business?

Step 2: Create an Excellent Headline

According to Copyblogger, 80% of visitors will read your headlines. Headlines bring in revenue. If you capture a visitor’s interest via the headline you use, you have a better chance of securing a new prospect. So take a look at your current headlines and see if any need tweaking.

Step 3: Write with Power Words believes there are 189 power words you can use when writing copy that converts. Examples of such words are YOU, FREE, BECAUSE and INSTANTLY. However, take a look at your target market. Which words do you find your clients consistently using? For your industry, those may be power words that pull your website visitors in and turn them into customers.

Step 4: Answer the Question, Why?

Why should they choose you? Why should they buy your product or service? In order for your website to convert visitors into customers, you need to be clear about what you do, how you solve your target market’s key challenges, and why you are the best choice out there.

Step 5: Communicate a Clear Call to Action

Just as a sales person will never make a sale unless they ask for the order, your website will never convert a visitor unless you ask them to take action. Action can be a variety of tasks. They could download an e-book, submit their e-mail address or enter their contact information in a simple but attractive form. The more enticing your offer, the greater your conversion rate.

If you hit these 5 steps, you are well on your way to creating compelling copy that converts. However, do not forget to test, test test! With new A/B split testing technologies out on the market, you can run scenarios which can immediately illustrate which words and phrases work, and which ones do not. Over time, you will find the right formula that allows you to kill it online with your business and discover the key to working smart-not hard.


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