Kill it Online by Leveraging Virtual Assistants!


What if you could hire a team of talented individuals, on a freelance basis, who could virtually work for you around the clock? And what if I told you they would do that at FRACTION of the price of a typically employee?

No more attitudes, no more over-charging. Just pure, simple productivity.

Sounds like a dream come true right?

Well you CAN do this through the power of virtual assistants. In this article, I am going to show you how easy it is to start, where you can look to find them and a few best practices in using virtual assistants to help you kill it online with your digital marketing!

How to get started

Virtual Assistants are available all around the world and are ready to work. But where can you find them to get started? And better yet, how do you find one you simply cannot live without?

The first step would be to go online to several online resources such as, and Virtual Staff Finder. A simple Google search will direct you to several resources, but these three websites are great places to start.

Choosing a Virtual Assistant

Before choosing a virtual assistant, you need to first identify which tasks you want them to perform, and interview several to find the right fit. You will also want to communicate the hours you expect them to work, what your pay rate is and how you will be paying them.

Take time to review a portfolio of their past work, or at least examples. You can also request a list of references that you could reach out via e-mail to make sure the person you are about to hire is up to the workload you need.

Last but not least, you want to have a candid conversation about their current workload. Do they have multiple clients? How many hours a week could they solely dedicate to your business? Define your needs and make sure they have the schedule and talents to meet them.

Best Practices in Managing a Virtual Assistant

Once you have made a hire, you need to have a process in place to effectively manage a virtual assistant. 

Step 1: Create step by step processes

If you haven’t created a playbook for your business, now is the time to get started- BEFORE you hire an assistant. A playbook will provide your VA with step-by-step processes in order to mimic EXACTLY how you do things. Want to hire an extension of you? Then a playbook is the first step in success.

Step 2: Stay in constant communication

Initially you will have to stay in constant communication regarding the progress your VA is making. Once you work together for an extended period of time, these communications can become fewer and further between.

Step 3: Review their work and critique as necessary

Take time to review their work, and make adjustments as needed. Virtual Assistants are eager to please, and won’t mind changing a few things in order to keep you satisfied with their work. 

Take Action and Hire a Virtual Assistant

When done correctly, hiring virtual assistants can help you leverage your time in order to accomplish more with less. When you decide to take the leap, make sure you identify your goals, take time to hire the right person and follow a few proven best practices to help you get you started.


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