Learn the Secret of Turning Website Visitors into Paying Clients: High-Conversion-Rate Design


Today, the world does most of its business on the Internet. And mastering its power helps enterprises like yours succeed beyond your wildest dreams—especially if you offer a service instead of a product. Whether you are the owner of a flood- and fire-damage restoration company, a dentist with a family practice, or a CPA offering accounting services, you need to remain relevant to stay in the marketplace. So learn how to make your online presence work for you!

Importance of Using Online Marketing Tools

Why do so many business owners fail to maximize online tools? Maybe they don’t understand electronic resources. Or maybe they’re too busy running their businesses to promote them. But online marketing tools are cheaper—and more effective—than traditional promotional techniques, such as telemarketing, direct mail, and print advertising. Plus, they can yield a much greater return on your investment. By learning how to master online marketing strategies, you can ensure your business will thrive in a world driven by ever-increasing technology.

While important, the number of visits to your website can mislead you: high traffic volume does not always translate into a larger customer base. Merely increasing traffic will not help if your site visitors are not paying for your services. You need to engage users—give them a reason to look deeply at what you offer—to turn browsers into buyers.

Two-Steps Success Process of a Well-Designed Website

  • It gets visitors to respond to a call to action—by sending an email inquiry, filling out a contact form, or calling you on the phone. Completed calls to action equal transactions.
  • Transactions then enable you to turn responders into leads—potential customers—a step away from closing sales and creating contracts.

This process of generating leads is called website conversion. And now you see why the conversion rate for your website is much more significant than the volume of traffic—your leads will already be on their way to becoming your customers and clients.

How can you determine your conversion rate? By inserting two important statistics from your analytics program (such as Google) into a simple formula: (1) the number of transactions divided by (2) the number of website visitors equals your website’s conversion rate, expressed as a percentage:

(number of transactions ÷ number of site visitors) x 100 = conversion rate %

Determining your conversion rate is an essential first step to understanding how your website is performing for you.


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