Links Continue to be Very Important to Google Ranking Says New Study


A new study from Stone Temple Consulting team has indicated that there is a close relation between pages that rank high in Google SERPs and the number of links that point to the page. Although numerous studies in the past have shown that links play an important role in building ranking traction for a page, the new study from Stone Temple Consulting shows that links play a far more important role in Google ranking than what has been shown in previous studies.

Recently there has been some noise about links losing their importance as major ranking factors. However, the study goes on to prove that in fact there exists a deeper correlation between high Google ranking and the number of links.

The team at Stone Temple Consulting uses three different approaches to understand the role that links play in Google ranking. While the study places greater importance on the quantity of links, it also specifies that the quality of the links itself is no less important.

You can read all about the study in detail here.

With Google constantly updating its search algorithm a number of other elements are impacting organic search traffic. Furthermore the study indicates that when page relevance and quality are not factored, links can play a pivotal role in ranking the page.


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