Location, Location, Location – How Your Settings Can Help You Win Clients


You already know that your location matters. After all, you need local clients. You work within a very specific area. It’s the nature of home restoration work. We’ve briefly mentioned this topic before, but today we’re going to do a deep dive into the importance of location. Since you depend on your local clients, you need to use location-based SEO. Thankfully your website’s settings, pages, and more can help. Here are just a few of the actions that you can take right now.

Create a Location Page

Does your website include a location page? If not, then it absolutely should. Not only should you have a page for your own location, but you should also have a “locations that we serve” page. Use the names of local cities frequently in these pages. When people search for a restoration company, they’ll search for something in their city, or they’ll end their queries with the phrase “near me.” Either way, having city names on your website will help you.

Keep Your Information Consistent

Has your business changed locations? Have you recently moved? If so, look into the places that would keep track of your business’s information. This includes things like The Yellow Pages, for example. Google looks for this information when it determines which search results are relevant. For instance, say that you do business in Dallas. If various sources confirm that your business is there, then when someone from Dallas searches for “air duct cleaning near me,” your website will appear in the results.

Use Your Information on AdWords

When you use Google AdWords, you can tailor your ads to a specific audience. You can also include your own location information. That way, your ads will go to all of the right people in the right places. The only people who will see your ads will be the people who are the most likely to click on them.

Let Us Handle Your SEO

We do have one more location-based SEO tip: just let us handle it. At KiLLit Online, our teams know all about location SEO. We know every tip and trick in the book because we’ve done our research. Whether you need organic SEO help, email campaign help, AdWords help, or any other sort of marketing assistance, we’ve got you covered. Get started by contacting KiLLit Online today. We’ll help you get the most from your location settings and more.

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