Looking to Prevent your Ad from Showing to Disinterested Users? Negative Keywords can Help!


Did you realize it is just as important to pop up at the right time to interested users as it is to NOT pop up to viewers who are disinterested?

Seems pretty obvious right?

Oddly as it sounds, it’s not so obvious to a large portion of Google Adwords users, and could be the golden ticket to edging out your competitors in the digital marketing world.

Concept behind Negative Keywords

By now, you realize that in order to win in the Google Adwords game, you have to bid on keywords. The higher the bid, and the more relevant is what pushes you to the top of the search results- which is ultimately every ad marketer’s goal.

What happens then, when your ad appears to a disinterested user? It’s a waste of an impression, and could cost you money if that person mistakenly clicks on your ad.

A negative keyword list helps minimize this from happening. It is a list you provide to Google’s query function that identifies the words that would NOT be relevant to your audience. They help you narrow into the most relevant audience to avoid wasting time and money on impressions to viewers that will never lead to revenue.

Finding Negative Keywords

A great place to start when identifying your list of negative keywords is using Google’s Keyword Planner. While there is not a specific function for negative keywords, it does give you a list of relevant keywords to your initial query.

So, if you notice a few keywords that pop up that don’t relate to your products or services, add those to your list.

Competitive Research is Key

Stopping there still may not be enough. You still could waste a lot of valuable ad dollars through unnecessary and irrelevant clicks. Competitive research is key in identifying what works best for your industry.

Start with doing a basic Google Search for every one of your keywords. Analyze the results. Do you see any results on the first page that are irrelevant to your product and service? Note these and add them to your negative keywords list.

Get Creative!

You aren’t limited to any certain number of negative keywords, so take time to truly zero in on your target market. Not only will it cost you less in the long run, but you may be able to boost your return on investment for every ad dollar.

Think of your top 5 customers. What do they demand from you? What solution do you provide to keep them coming back? Break down the entire sales process from start to finish, noting relevant and irrelevant concepts and topics. You will be surprised of how detailed you can get in the exercise.

Upon completion, go back to the basic Google search and again nix out any words that are irrelevant to your business.

With Digital Marketing, Timing Is Everything

When your ad impressions hit and when they don’t is extremely important. If you are looking to Killitonline with your business through digital marketing, we have a library of resources to help you. Click here for our library of articles, blog posts and other information to support your mission as an entrepreneur.


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