Maintain user-interest in marketing e-mails


Marketers send out e-mails to promote services and products, but many recipients push them into the trash file or do a general cleaning of the spam and flush them all away without viewing. There are a few tricks that can be tried to keep your e-mails out of “spam” and encourage your recipients to at least open them, according to Marketing Land.

First of all, a double opt-in during the sign up process is a sure way to get the consent of the user before inundating them with countless e-mails, that might otherwise be dumped along the way. People like to be given a choice as to what they receive. The marketers who try to force-feed tend to lose on the delivery numbers.

Also, don’t use a third-party delivery system even if they are reliable, they don’t have the same level of concern for your customers as you. Keep the e-mail exchange within your own marketing department.

Another very important detail is the follow up greeting e-mail (usually automated) which welcomes them to your distribution list. They will of course know it is a form letter sent out to everyone who signs up, but that first acknowledgement from your company is very important to seal the customers interest. Then allow your user to choose the frequency of your emails so that your relationship will endure. In this way, your e-mail will be less likely to drop out of their range of interest.

Remember to craft your marketing e-mails differently, according to the various segments of users to maintain an appeal with the diverse profiles which populate your distribution lists.


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