Make Use of Professional Social Media: Let Facebook Add Value to Your Marketing Toolkit


    Possibilities of Facebook

    Facebook, one of the most popular social media sites available, enables individuals, groups, and businesses expand their online presence to potentially reach hundreds, if not thousands, of. With the power to post content, photos, and videos, provide comments and reviews, and promote specials and offers, businesses should take advantage of the value of maintaining a presence on Facebook. It provides a way to establish a more personal connection with consumers, whether they’re previously satisfied clients or potential new customers. And baseline Facebook services cost nothing.

    A solid, active presence on Facebook can aid in delivering a high conversion rate on your website by attracting visitors, linking them back to your site, and turning them into qualified leads through calls to action, such as completing a contact form or calling you. This activity in turn increases your online image and can lead to a higher ranking in search engine results. But Facebook offers something besides the more formal aspects of your primary website: personal presence, which engages consumers in a more social way.

    Benefits of Using Facebook for Your Business

    Facebook offers free business pages, where you can promote your service, help consumers find you, and provide another place for satisfied clients to personally recommend your service. Users can Like your page, share your content, and link to your website. By giving you personalized access to and interaction with your followers, you humanize your business and attract new leads.

    And you can share almost any type of content, from your own posts, to external articles and videos, to “before-and-after” pictures to illustrate the type and quality of work you do. You can also link to your own videos on YouTube to describe or demonstrate a service, obtaining a high rate of engagement. Your followers can share any or all of your content with their own friends, extending it to an even wider audience for your page—and possibly countless new visitors to your website.

    Plus, for a fee, you can promote, advertise, and sell products and services through your Facebook page. But even the free options enable you to refine how you reach your audience. Posts can be targeted to various demographic groups, either organically (unpaid) or for a fee, so you can extend your reach to the most relevant markets for your services.


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