Making the connection between keyword and customer


One of the foundational ideas in SEO is deciding what keywords should be associated with your websites to attract serious queries, according to Search Engine Land. Studies have indicated that keywords and -phrases are the centerpiece in any SEO strategy. But the problem is applying the right ones for optimal results. The most obvious answer is getting into the heads of your customer’s when it comes to the most likely wording they would use to find our products or services.

Building a persona of your customers is the place to start. Usepurchasing information that already exists.Age groups, level of education, gender and other factors can be pulled up from records of previous transactions. From this background, data it should be possible to construct a feasible profile to use as your guide.

Online platforms have features that can help you better understand your customers. For instance, you can utilize Facebook’s Audience Insights tool to cross-reference your customer list and glean more valuable information. Then, there is Google Suggest. Using something like its Keyword Tool Dominator will reveal the types of keywords that show up around terms that signify your products and services

Once you have an idea of the queries customers and potential customers might use, start thinking about creating a connection between customers as your store. Blogs are one way to do this. Highlight popular products through your content, using the appropriate keywords of course. Unless you are an actual psychic, the whole process may require a bit of experimentation, to see what keywords will give the desired result.


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