Marketers, advertiser must give attention to mobile-friendly ads


Mobiles have risen in popularity, and the attribution numbers are showing more and more users are viewing mobiles throughout their day. Platforms like Google and Bing already have tools in place to accommodate the mobile devices, according to Search Engine Land. Some marketers are striving to catch up with this newest trend and seeking to put out ads that are mobile friendly.However, first they must convince their clients this is a profitable venture.

According to recent studies, at least 77 percent of Americans own a smartphone and these devices are used daily for online shopping, local searches, and other functions. Reaching out to so many users, improving their experience with your brand would tend to show a high ROI with mobile marketing.

Load time is a huge factor in achieving conversions. If a download takes more than three seconds, the user is likely to abandon the site.Studies show that rapid download time is directly related to an increase in viewer retention and conversion by more than 50 percent. A significant increase would also tend to increase a sale of products or services.

Google and Bing, both provide tools to help optimize your mobile downloads. Improvements can be measured through Speed Index, Total Requests, and Page Weight. First, speed index measures how long it takes for all visual content to appear. The second item measures how many items are trying to appear on that page. The final measurement, page weight, will determine if your page has too many pics or text elements for a rapid download.

Lastly, there are also tools that allow a marketer to test his improvements, viewing the download as an average viewer will see it on his/her mobile device.


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