Marketers can be trained to deal with martech creatively


Marketing technology has grown and seems to be expanding still with any number of features being rolled out by the major ad platforms and the increasing entrenchment of AI. Some people now argue that the technical stuff needed for a brand’s marketing team to stay competitive should be made more accessible and easier to use, according to Martech Today.

The Mar Tech Council recently put out a report stating that most marketing people prefer the creative aspects of marketing and would prefer to not deal with the tech side; they are savvy enough to realize, in this digital age of desktops and mobiles, advertising technology must be used. But, these creative brains would prefer to create a new campaign rather than sift through columns of attributions that could aid in developing a solid strategy.

One obvious solution would be to hire people who can work effectively on both sides of the computer console. But the second part to this will be hiring trainers who can inspire the existing team to not be so intimidated about usingmartech.

This could be done by illustrating how other marketers have used the tech to work more creatively through digital media and thus advance themselves. Also, the tech-speech should be de-emphasized. Teach applications that marketers can work with creatively before rubbing techno vocabulary, like KPI or ROAS, in their faces.

The barriers between the creative side of their brains and the technical can be further broken down with a little positive incentive. Identify the accomplishments that advance the marketer and the company. Give them ownership of their achievements.


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