Marketers can use the summer lull to revamp their jobs


Marketers with any amount of experience know summertime means “slump-time” for sales. However, the smart marketers know it’s the time to start priming the pump in preparation for a resurgence of capital flow when the early holiday season launches in the fall. There are a few things that need to be done for this prep work, according to Marketing Land.With the summer lull, you may get a little spare time so take advantage of that.

First, check and revise some of your essential content elements. Revise your automated emails, voicemails, or texts to keep your messages a little fresher for the people on the delivery list. It’s also a great time to revamp your videos as the summertime weather can inspire new content.

Since many people enjoy their vacation, you can use this as a selling point when contacting your leads, especially those that are already cold and commonly unresponsive.Summer is a great time of year to make contact some of the cold leads you’ve never been able to bring into your fold of clientele. This may break the ice and set you up for a more profitable autumn. As an extra incentive, end your contact e-mail with a question to guide them toward a prompt response.

Another little task that you might never have time for the rest of the year is improving your customer relations management (CRM)software or other tech.A little research on your software could help you find the technical tools that will improve your performance when things get busy again. Or if your present tools are doing the job well enough, use the free time to re-organize for greater efficiency in your busy months.


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