Marketers looking to new messaging apps for future brand awareness


Marketing to online mobile devices is constantly changing, so marketers have to adapt to the trends and newest features that emerge from that sector of a rapidly growing market, according to Marketing Land. This is a challenge when the demand is reaching out to customers across all channels at their optimal time; as mobile, messaging, and social evolve, it becomes more difficult to create a smooth and personalizedexperience.

Mobile devices account for about 65 percent of the online traffic time, according to studies, and marketers are always checking their metrics to figure out the optimal interaction times for their targeting their base and new acquisitions.Mobiles give marketers the opportunity to reach out to their customers wherever they are with promotions favoring online stores or physical retail outlets.

Social media presence is one of the primary tools a brand can use to develop a personalized relationship with its customers, but it’s not the way to go to talk transactions and finances. Facebook and Twitter is a useful venue to publicly develop business reputation and values which are aspects that help define a brand.Also, creating a core of trust with your customers is essential to building a personalized business relationship.

Messaging apps may be the online middle ground where social and business engagements merge. Most people won’t tap in their debit card numbers on Facebook, and email is becoming cluttered with variant risks like spammers. Marketers are looking to the rise of new message apps that will provide a customer-convenient transition from personal interactions to private business transactions with only a few clicks.



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