Marketers must personalize their ads for the holiday shopper


Online retail marketers approach the holiday season with creative angst and many brainstorming sessions, seeking to optimize their presentation of the best their brands have to offer. In a business where knowing your customer-base is one of the prime requisites, there are a few other aspects that must be thoroughly explored to ensure a healthy bottom line during the highest revenue generating season. Recent reports indicate deficiencies in three prime aspects, according to Marketing Land: in-store integration, personalization,and mobile interactions.

Knowing your base of shoppers is highest on the marketing priority list. There are tools available on the internet, especially the large platforms like Facebook and Google, that can help keep up with the myriad of metrics and help develop profiles of your customers. This storage of information will be very helpful in targeting your audiences during the holidays.

The old-style brick-and-mortar retail outlets still account for about 80 percent of retail business. Keeping track of customer visitations, in-store selling, and online purchases that take place after the visitation, all of this is viable information to help build consumer profiles. Also, consider what types of devices they use and when. Do they use the voice-interactive systems like Siri? When do they go online and what do they view?

Many marketers know of the increasing numbers inmobile shopping, and they utilize that resource to optimize their cross-channel advertising strategies. Retail purchases made with mobile devices are expected to reach a record $100 billion in the 2017 holiday season. Reaching out to your customer “where they are at” utilizes technology allowing you to create marketing campaigns that are flexible to the different devices, locations, and optimal marketing times.

Finally, personalized marketing tactics boost sales by 10 percent or more. Projections indicate that brands using this type of advertising to promote their brands and services will realize higher revenue increases in the next few years. As the outset of the holiday season draws closer, marketers should use their collection of customer data to focus on a more personalized marketing strategy.


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